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October Photo Project: Day 26 – Curtis the Trucker



This sweet boy wandered up into our yard Sunday and ended up staying the night on the porch.  No tags, no collar, no nothing.  He looked well-fed and was very friendly (albeit he wasn’t sure what to do with cats), but we can’t figure out where he would have come from if he decided to make his temporary home in our yard.

We named him Curtis the Trucker.

Monday afternoon our neighbors took him to the Humane Society, which I was happy about (or trying to be happy about amidst the other range of emotions the situation brought up) – he had tried to leave with us when we got in the car to go to school that morning.

I hope he has found his parents or will soon.

Why does this keep happening to me??

October Photo Project: Day 24 – Happenstance Gets First Aid Certified


I propped my leg up on the counter to clean and bandage my heel after an unfortunate run-in with some broken glass.  Stance had been doing his usual evening follow-Jess-around routine, so he promptly took the opportunity to lounge.


And provide moral support.  “Yeah, I see you taking pictures.”


Band-aid wrappers are fun.


But camera straps are even more fun.


Photo credit to Russell for the first two pictures, obviously. 😉

October Photo Project: Day 22 – The Old House



I think I finally got the angle and feel for this shot that I was looking for.  I’ve been wanting to take a picture of this house for a long time.  I don’t know what it is or whose house or whatever, I’ve just always called it “The Other Jones House.”

But while I was wandering around up in the yard a few minutes after taking this shot… still taking pictures… a light went on in the left hand window.  I didn’t see anybody.  But it suddenly occurred to me that people might live there and that maybe I should stop being creepy.

Who knows.