October Photo Project: Day 01 – Homework



The last time I tried to do a daily photo project, it lasted a good long while, but a birthday-to-birthday 365-day project is a bit too much of an undertaking for a Jessica, it seems: Jessicas tend to forget about stuff frequently even if they have been doing it every day for months on end.

But, my friend and I were talking a couple of weeks ago how Facebook memories and Timehop have both been reminding us how many pictures we used to take – but now we’re so out of the habit that barely any pictures, with the exception of animals or food, ever really happen.  So, we’ve set forth on a new project, with 30 days instead of 365.  One picture each day during the prettiest month of the year up here.

I need to write more each day too, so might as well turn this into a blogging project as well, for me at least.

As for today’s actual picture, as you can see, it is of my homework.  This is partly because I forgot to take a picture until after dark and this was one of the only relevant things that would hold still long enough for me to take a picture, but also because today I majorly overhauled my organization for this semester today.  It’s become clearer and clearer since the semester started almost a month and a half ago that this semester isn’t last semester.

Duh, that’s obvious.

Last semester, though, I took Public Speaking, English 112, Dev Psych, and Cultural Anthro.  All four, three days a week.  All softer subjects with immediately applicable information and plenty of creative projects to keep me cheerfully engaged.

This semester, however, I’m taking Ethics, Microbiology, Statistics, College Transfer Success, and Chorus.   Still going to school three days a week, but when these classes actually happen is very all over the place, at least compared to last semester.  And I feel like between all that and working a lot more, wanting to see my friends every blue moon at least, and the subject matter being generally more time-consuming, I just cannot apply my study and time-management strategies from my first semester back.  At all.  I get nothing done and fail all my classes, that’s how that happens.

Side note, College Transfer Success kind of cracks me up, since I wouldn’t be in college if I hadn’t already figured out most of the stuff I am learning about in this class, like why I want to go to college in the first place.   Still, at least two good things have come of taking this 1-credit-hour mini-mester class (AKA life will get easier in a couple of weeks): I have discovered that the  BS in journalism is a soft BS and I probably can stick with the AA degree at the community college and not have to break my GPA in several places by taking a lot of irrelevant math (I find Stats relevant, if still slightly frightening); and I have found a new possible platform for this website that might work better for me.

So I have re-organized; everything is in a much easier place to find and now I will start working on new and better time management strategies for this course load.

I plan to at least have it all figured out by the end of the semester.

Stay tuned for more pictures – and feel free to join me in the project if you would like!  Accountability is a thing.