October Photo Project: Day 06 – Eureka!



Okay, yes, another picture of my homework.  However, it’s really significant this time – I finally got what the hell I was doing!

Days and weeks of toil.  Pulling out my hair and stomping on it.  Wishing to find a hole to pull in after me.  Anxiety over much smaller problems while in denial that not understanding my overdue statistics homework was what was really eating away at my mind.  Leading up to this beautiful moment.  I am celebrating with a peanut butter sandwich and a break to blog.

So, if you ever need binomial probability distributions explained to you in Jessica Terms (similar to layman terms but with a random series of generalized explanations that only make sense if the ‘explainee’ is in my head), I’ve got it now.

Special thanks to my parents who gave me the capacity to learn things my way, Russell for answering 5,000,000 questions after 12+ hour days doing upper level physics and math and actually getting paid to tutor other people,  and my math teacher who does her best to keep my mental breakdowns to a minimum.  It’s been a good day after all, I suppose.  🙂