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First of all, the basics:

– Email: JessicaAtJessicaBarkerDotCom
– Phone: Please e-mail for phone number
– Contact Form: (aka easier way of e-mailing me)

If you would like to schedule an interview, speaking engagement, etc., or if you just want to strike up a conversation, e-mail is the best way of getting a hold of me.  

My Networks: Jessica Barker Facebook Page, College Rebellion Facebook Page, Life Without College Facebook Page, Pinterest, about.meGoogle+, Twitter, Goodreads

My Websites

College Sellout, aka
College Rebellion


Life Without College – The Method
Natural Born Learners (Contributor; edited by Beatrice Ewka Ekoko and Dr. Carlo Ricci)

Writing, for Other Sites

– Radio Free School/Natural Born Learners essay, “Redefining Success” Author Archive

Interviews and Other Features

– The Unschooling Life Podcast, College Alternatives
– The Sociable Homeschooler, Show 189, College Rebellion: Jessica Barker
– Edupunks Guide interview (currently inaccessible online)

Other Projects and Networks

College Rebellion Facebook Group
Youtube Channel – songs, etc.
Redbubble photography (great for greeting cards!)


– Cinnamon Sketchbook, Three pieces of non-fiction on radical & self-education
– Eli Gerzon, Interviewed for Radio Free School blog and re: unschoolers living and succeeding without college


Like I said, please contact me via e-mail for any purposes!

If you see anything online or in print that I have not put here, I am probably not aware of it!  So please let me know.  

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